6 Axis Technologies do research on various embedded systems, software development, interfacing electronics devices and components, electromechanical devices, sensor technology, motion platform, aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, , product prototyping and development technology, 2D and 3D router for lathe and wood-working, up to 6 Axis movement Robotic arm for industrial production and inspection line Robot.

Admission Ninja

An Android mobile app which aims to become a complete solution of university admission tests in Bangladesh. By using this app students will be able to take preparation for admission test from home. As a result, they will get more time to get prepared. On the other hand, traffic and guardian’s issues can be solved.


Advanced Driver Assistance and Monitoring System acts as an additional third eye to the human driver. It monitors frontal distance to nearby vehicles continuously and its intelligent software algorithm predicts any crash situation early, even before the human driver could be aware of.

Advanced Vehicle Security System

Brother Band Electronics produces Smart Bike Security (Bike Guard) for all kinds of bike available in Bangladesh. The security system is robust and prevents the bike from stealing.


Jeeon aims to create a model for delivering quality healthcare to 4 billion rural people in the developing world, using technology to upgrade local micro-providers into a viable delivery channel and establish a trusted brand for primary healthcare. An established rural pharmacist or paramedic is selected as a franchisee, and provided with a suite of mobile applications and rapid diagnostics equipment.

Blood Friend

Bloodfriend is a Bangladeshi born blood donation focused social networking platform, aimed to connect, empower and activate the society to fight 'Scarcity for Blood' and make it a past. This is world’s First Blood Donor focused global social networking platform where one can connect with people of same blood group and blood donors very easily and efficiently.

Garbage Man

Dhaka alone produces over 5,000 tons of garbage each day! More than 70% of those are food waste. And we will need more 600 acres of land to dump our garbage by 2030. On the other hand, excessive use of chemical fertilizer has affected fertility/quality of top soil, which risk the food safety of this increasing population in future. GARBAGEMAN is introducing modern and scientific approach towards efficient waste management system by upcycling waste into resource.

Finding Bangladesh

Finding Bangladesh is a feature length documentary film, directed by Adnan M. S. Fakir, focusing on collecting, preserving and initiating conversations on Bangladesh’s histories, mythologies and legends. The aim is to revive lost tales of our land and help us in being more sentient of ourselves – our identity. The documentary will inspire you to go out yourself, explore and know more about our country.

Interactive Artifact

Interactive Artifact deals with developing interactive products that brings usual benefits of users into effect. The company aims to blend the latest technology with better user experience to deliver greater services to the end users. Their initial focus is on rehabilitation centers, patients of physiotherapy, orthopedic and neurology doctors where they want to support by improved digital system of physical exercise to replace their traditional system to make their life more convenient.

Truck Lagbe

Brilliant Ideas Ltd. started its journey in early 2017 with the idea of their first product ‘Truck Lagbe’. As they see it, every material thing around us has been on a truck at least once in it lifespan. But the truck hiring process in Bangladesh is old, hectic and not fair for both the parties in many cases. Keeping this in mind, they have created an online solution for transport industry connecting truck owners, agencies and shippers to make their lives easier. The App service is on from November, 2017. Their mission statement is of course - Make life easy, adapt technology


Jolpie, the health-tech company is a complete healthcare platform that focuses on appointments, consultations, medicine and health records. They aim to make health care accessible for those, who struggle for better healthcare by search, share and support with technology.

Moner Bandhu

Monerbondhu.com and Monerbondhu App offers a genuine, engaged experience by psychological counseling from psychologist and therapist. Our social mission is to build resilient communities in which people with common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety are accepted, supported and equipped with skills to deal with the challenges they face. Monerbondhu.com also provides training and consultation services, based on the principles of collaborative care. These interventions have been shown to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.


AppBajar is a media and entertainment platform focused solely on incorporating local culture and 19 languages. AppBajar promotes the concept of PAID Android applications/media/E-book to enhance the IT experience of local market using the local payment system and language. Content seller/Developer gets the payments in their registered bank account monthly. The Prices of paid digital contents start from the minimum local unit. AppBajar works to ensure the slogan - Value the creativity.

ST Solutions

ST Solutions’ product ecommerce comparison shopping engine can help consumers to review, compare and decide on products. As a result, the customers can find better option and be protected from fake websites and products. The PCSE can also force the seller to maintain some standards about product details and product profile.

Hello Laundry

Hello Laundry is Bangladesh’s first premium app and web based laundry, dry cleaning and ironing, pickup and delivery service, successfully operating in Gazipur, Uttara, Bashundhara R/A , Khilkhet, Baridhara, Banani and Gulshan. We have physical hub in Bashundhara R/A, Uttara and Gazipur.


HasTech is a website template marketplace, where talented designers and developers can make their products available for buyers all over the world.

Meditor Health

Meditor is an Intelligent Health Assistance service. One of the focuses of Meditor is to keep people healthy and happy. It provides personalized Healthcare by Interactive Medication, Proper Diet Suggestion, Preventive Health Monitoring, and Tele Medicine Services to ensure safe and sound health to everyone.


Socian Ltd is an AI based Language Analysis Company specializing in Sentiment Analysis, Automated Response System & Speech Analysis on Social Media & Digital Content in 81 Languages.


TruckChai wants to create a common platform where customers, Truck owners, transport agents and companies could exchange relevant information on freight exchange.


khujun.com is vertical search engine made for Bangladesh. It helps searching content from a list of Bangladesh specific websites and its free for users.

Beautiful Barisal

Beautiful Barisal is online marketplace that works specially for famous product of Barisal. It tries to promote the regional products and services. Also it's an initiative to aware the regional people about E-commerce.


ShopUp is a platform that facilitates small businesses to go online. ShopUp helps a business to generate a website in a just 5 minutes, and instantly embeds the website into Facebook to help small businesses capitalize on the high traffic of Facebook in Bangladesh. ShopUp currently caters to 2,500+ small businesses, and is constantly improving the platform. ShopUp has been recognized by Facebook, and Facebook's tech team is working closely with them for development of the ad module.


eTutorsBD is a platform for e-Learning along with some advanced features like group study, insta-solution, test engine etc. In future there will be a special section for the kids so that they can learn through comics and enjoyable videos.


BiBeats Limited provides telemedicine based on internet software and integrated tele-diagnostic devices like Stethoscope, ECG machine, etc. The initiative can provide relief to about 4 billion people living in third world villages, who do not have access to qualified doctors for consultation. BiBEAT offers such a system package, indigenously developed and successfully field tested over a few years - an appropriate solution for the third world by third world innovators.

Ananda Multimedia

Ananda Multimedia wants to provide automation system/digitalization for any kind of organization, Hospitals, Doctors, lawyers


StoreMate is a mobile application-based software to manage end to end operational value chain for any shop. StoreMate is designed by targeting the mass market retail shops where expensive POS system, accounting and sales software are currently unavailable. It’s a simple elegant system on user's native language and can run standalone. So, the solution through the said application is to capture any shops inventory management, sales management, accounting management, customized reporting and invoice. It also has the complete functionality like cloud backup, sales reporting, market analysis, user analysis etc.


IM Team BD is a marketing consulting firm specializing in repositioning business-to-business companies and their brands. They help companies identify and migrate to positions of market leadership where their brands have few credible substitutes in the marketplace. Also, they help to motivate the right customers to buy targeted products or Services.

Heroes of 71

Heroes of 71 Series a product of Mindfisher Games (Previously known as ‘Portbliss’) has become the popular Bangladeshi game with 6.1 Million Unique Players who played for 361 Years! The games have been featured in The Economist, Times of India, India Times and many other newspapers. They are the first game studio in Bangladesh to raise foreign direct investment. They have merged with Gameover Studio; 5 times Apple featured studio, to ensure we have the brightest talents of Bangladesh. Their mission is to bring and engage South Asian’s into mobile games with the content they love.


ইশকুল (Eshkul) is a great endeavor of Projukti Next Ltd. It is an intelligent, powerful & integrated platform which can virtually supervise the students and analysis the learning curves. Enormous intuitive modules integrated Cloud based EPR, Web portal, Community for collaboration and sharing, mobile app, unlimited storage, automated notification & intelligent forecasting are possible through one platform. It’s build a culture of tracking continuous progress curve of individual. It is an education platform in Bangladesh where various analytics provided to increase the parental engagement and advocate corrective measures to improve the learning outcomes.


Bdrates.com is an online financial marketplace for retail banking products. They make it easier to compare and apply for retail loans and savings products in minutes. Whether it be a car loan, home loan, personal loan for consumer goods and electronics, education or vacation, Bdrates.com can help customers to find the cheapest rates in the market so that they can save both TIME and MONEY.


This online platform offers a focused, user-friendly connection point for efficient candidates and employers. Their business is focused on facilitating the matching between jobseekers and employment opportunities, and helping hirer find candidates for advertised roles.

500 Jobs | Career Bot

Career Bot uses chatbot to connect people and job opportunities. Enjoy better exposure to the right people with Tiger Digital's Career Bot which provides exceptional properties, partners, and targeting capabilities. Our chatbot is available on Facebook Messenger and will be available online bot, Skype bot market, and all other major bot platforms. The AI system stores, searches and provides right candidates for companies.

Birds of Paradise

Automated autistic child care in an individual basis.


This app gives the opportunity to broad cast message to specific group who are interested to know particular things. The aim is to basically send notices to targeted people efficiently while it can collect some feedback also from audience. In typical school, notices are sent through notice board or writing students notice book. Using this app, parent can subscribe to particular class to get notice. In addition, there could be some notices where school asks for opinion from parent that can be achieved by Pigeon.


JBD IT a unique destination for creative Apps Development, Web design, e-commerce development, web development and Cloud Manaement services. They also offer Cloud School management system, database development, website maintenance, domain registration, web hosting services. They providing IT solutions to various businesses over five years addressing their business needs at an affordable cost. The portfolio of services runs deep and wide and gives them the opportunity to offer multiple solutions with in-house competencies. More Details Visit www.jbdit.com.bd

Fit Finder

Fit Finder helps organization to find a perfect talent by providing the end to end tool-set from screening resumes to on-boarding talents. They try to do that by match profiles semantically through AI, cognitive hiring, candidate scoring: identify key point through data visualization, application tracking system and step by step Collaborative on-boarding process.


Anubot is an AI Chatbot for interacting with people who are depressed and frustrated with life and prone to radicalization of fundamentalist groups. The objective is to be a friend to them when they need someone to talk to. It also builds tolerance by educating people. Anubot will interact with people through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a proven technique for mental therapy in practice. Anubot will connect with people through messenger and chat with them, collect their responses and daily activities. Based on that data, it will make a psychological profile and push him relevant content that will help him be happy, tolerant and productive.


AlterYouth is a P2P scholarship platform, where users can directly give Literacy Scholarships to financially struggling students in Government Primary Schools throughout Bangladesh, which prevent dropouts until completion of class 5; ensuring their literacy. With a 97% school enrollment rate in Bangladesh, preventing dropouts in its primary schools could turn it into a literate nation.

Amar Uddog Limited

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can't efficiently manage inventory, calculate profit/loss, maintain accounts and book keeping, manage credit notes, send invoices, receive and auto update due invoices/recurring payments, collect and prepare VAT statement and looking easy to use automation software to run and manage their business in an affordable cost. AmarUddog (my initiative) is a cloud based smart ERP software for SME business automation with Sales and Inventory, Invoices and Billing, Payment, Accounts and CRM modules in a very reasonable monthly/yearly subscription fee.


Avijatrik is an online touring platform to provide local travel experiences in different region of Bangladesh. Besides, providing traditional tourism services we provide exclusive community-based tourism services in Bangladesh. Avijatrik provides tour services in collaboration with local community. You’ll get a chance to stay with local community, experience new culture, lifestyle. Avijatrik works hand in hand with local people to promote ‘community-based tourism’ to provide travelers with an authentic and meaningful experience to travelers and contribute to the preservation of culture and nature while bringing economic opportunities for decent and sustainable livelihoods to local communities


Meteorological And Related Services Ltd (MARS Ltd.) was founded in April 2017 by six retired Meteorologists of Bangladesh Air Force having wide experience of weather forecasting both at home and abroad. MARS Ltd. – first of its kind in Bangladesh – provides “Customized Weather and Climate Service”. It provides Weather Service through SMS in the morning. It sends further SMS as per the requirement of inclement weather. Its present client base includes 4,000+ City dwellers of Dhaka, and 13xTea gardens, 6xTobacco fields, 4xPrivate airlines, 3xFarming communities, 20xBrick fields throughout Bangladesh. MARS Meteorologists have special expertise on kalbaishakhi, lightning and tropical cyclone.

Surge Engineering

Portable Biogas Plant is a lightweight biogas plant that generates biogas from organic wastes. It is made of flexible plastic material, which makes it easy to carry. The weight of the plant is less than 10kg, which makes it possible to transport to any remote area. The uniqueness of this plant is: # Its very lightweight which made it easily transportable to any remote area. # Its Plug & Play type that means- very easy to install & operate. # All the components are easy to attach & detach – which makes the maintenance smooth.

Bari koi

Bari koi is a location-based data and smart addressing system. We are making maps reliable. We provide different location and analytics based API to businesses and organizations. We provide geocoding API, Nearby API and we will be providing geo-analytics and details maps in future.


Doctorkoi smart is a prescription writing software that allows doctors to generate a prescription within few clicks.

Nijhum Shop Limited

NijhumShop.Com is a RMG specialized B2B E-commerce web portal and application where suppliers get the essential tools to reach their buyers globally. We support ultimate buyers to find their desired goods ensuring secured payments and freight facility with proper documentations. We work with different organizations by producing quality promotional goods for them to enlighten their official events.

Best Price

Best Price is providing a market place for the auto parts industry by connecting vehicle owners with the parts suppliers along with the technicians. It has the potentiality to become a huge knowledge sharing platform by creating a community. Auto owner can collect, compare price & buy parts accordingly

Bhalo Achi Healthcare and Research Ltd

Bhalo Achi lets you get health information and undertake healthcare research on demand. It has brought the first social media-based app that lets health professionals to brand themselves through social contribution. Using its this, the doctors, medical students, pharmacists, allied health professionals and people can share health information and contribute into healthcare. Bhalo Achi also provides in-house health services on demand disable patient management, prenatal services, geriatric care and physiotherapy services for the elderly, women and disabled people. Its mission is to digitalise and decentralize healthcare provision, and minimise disparity in availing quality healthcare facilities by providing low-cost healthcare.


“BONDHU” is the first bilingual artificial intelligence social robot in Bangladesh. BONDHU can speak in Bengali & English. BONDHU is a machine-learning robot, which observes it’s surrounding and recognizes pattern. The reason behind naming “BONDHU” is for being friendly as a human. BONDHU can also track someone’s face and talk while looking at them. BONDHU can explain any topic like a teacher. BONDHU can even collect any information from Google and store it in the database.

Bongo Jatra

Bongo Jatra is on its way to becoming an online market place for tour providers, matching travelers with local individuals as well as tour companies. With a host of features and functionalities that make travel an easier and a smoother experience, this platform is best for all kinds of travellers. Users can collaborate or select experiences based on reviews or their previous experience. Bongo Jatra aims to change the landscape of tourism and use to benefit both locals and tourists.

Cookups Technologies Ltd

Cookups connects diners who want access to safe, healthy food to home cooks and small agribusinesses. We have our own delivery service and cater to over 42,000 diners from 1200 cooks thus creating income opportunities for women - mostly stay-at-home moms who lack other avenues.

cWork Microjob Limited

cWork is a microjob platform, which provides training data to the companies working with artificial intelligence and machine vision, by thousands of in-app contributors.

Digital Manush

Digital Manush is an online based leading instant service platform in Bangladesh. Digital Manush is connecting two groups of people the people who need service and the people who provide service. Now Digital Manush is offering services like computer, electrician, plumber, pest control, gardening, home shifting etc. 80+ Category services are offering by Digital Manush Limited. All the services are available in Dhaka City. Connecting 45000+ user with 7000+ service provider Digital Manush is going ahead. Digital Manush has also presence in Chattogram, Mymensingh & Narayanganj.


DriverBD.com is a platform where driver seekers get a pool of drivers based on their choice.

Mojar Pathshala | Enable IT

Enable IT is basically an organization, works for developing our country and making all age’s people digitally ready. We are still working with Ten Times Global and A2i too. We works on various sectors but our main focus point is Education. In ICTD- Startup Bangladesh, my project is Mojar Pathshala. Actually it is all about a newer and a better system of education. It will make our education more effective and easy for the students. Our goals are: •To make every students digitally ready. •Making student’s bag lightweight and keeping their reading table clean. •Free education for hermaphrodite (HIJRA), poor and autism peoples. •Free education for sex workers and their children. •To make education more easy and effective for all merit’s students. •2 hours daily study method as like other developed countries.

Organiconlin e.com.bd

Now-a-days Urban people are thriving for Safe and Fresh Products but supply is not trusted and adequate. To meet up this market discrepancy “OrganicOnline.com.bd” has been working to build a bridge between Safe Food consumer and Organic Producer. Farmers will be trained up by professional institution. “OrganicOnline.com.bd” will launch an E-commerce portal where urban people will be able to have fresh and safe products in their door foot. Farmers profile will be showcased along with their products so that consumer can have a clear view about their consumed products. Home Delivery will also be available. Have Fresh foods from “OrganicOnline.com.bd” and be healthy.


Parking Koi is the largest parking sharing platform in Bangladesh that helps the drivers find nearest available parking spaces using Parking Koi app. At the same time, it also creates an alternative earning source for the owners of the underutilized parking spaces. parkingkoi also provide monthly parking service package for the corporate users who can park their vehicle 24 hours by parkingkoi app.


REPTO - Education Center is an Online Course Marketplace with certification and job placement support. We’ve built an online course marketplace where industry experts create and sell courses. Students develop skills, give online exams and get certified. Then we connect the best students with the employers according to job requirements. So instead of hiring from thousands of CVs, employers can hire from trained and certified applicants. All courses of REPTO are in our native language Bengali. And we’ve enabled the easiest payment system. We focus on providing courses that help to start a career or earn money. Also, our B2B platform, REPTO for Business, provides custom online training and examination and detailed reporting to companies. (API Available)

RIAND Bangladesh Ltd.

“ALTERNATIVE AUGMENTATIVE COMMUNICATION” (AAC) devices which can be used as an alternative to speech or to supplement it.

Search English

Search English is a community-based English language learning platform. Common people from any background can join here and gain proficiency by practicing English language. The scope of using English language is very limited in our country. Hence, most of the students just memorize few grammar rules, translations and essays to pass the board exams. They do not use the language in real life. Hence, Search English adopted a different system of practicing English. Aside from Bangladesh, people from 100 countries around the world joined this platform to practice English.

the2HoursJo b | SK Enterprise

The2hourjob.com is the 1st online female market place in Bangladesh. It is a work at home solution so skilled women (age 20-45) can get work from this site and can earn money also. Our platform is specially designed and made to cater to the various need of the employers to get their job done on a virtual platform. We have accumulated women with different professional skill and talent to assist the need of the employers with much flexibility and economically. We believe, creating jobs for woman is crucially important for a balanced social improvement. The2hourjob can also give many kind of business support in many company and startup. Company can get quality full work as their business support in a short time and short budget. Our aim is to mobilize the challenging tasks with professional support of women of Bangladesh.