Meditor is an Intelligent Health Assistance service. One of the focuses of Meditor is to keep people healthy and happy. It provides personalized Healthcare by Interactive Medication, Proper Diet Suggestion, Preventive Health Monitoring, and Tele Medicine Services to ensure safe and sound health to everyone.


HasTech is a website template marketplace, where talented designers and developers can make their products available for buyers all over the world.

Hello Laundry

Hello Laundry is Bangladesh’s first premium app and web based laundry, dry cleaning and ironing, pickup and delivery service, successfully operating in Gazipur, Uttara, Bashundhara R/A , Khilkhet, Baridhara, Banani and Gulshan. We have physical hub in Bashundhara R/A, Uttara and Gazipur.

Truck Lagbe

Truck Lagbe Owner’s app (beta) enables you to find trips easily and conveniently from authentic shippers anywhere in Bangladesh for your pickup, truck and covered van. Individual owners, transport agencies and businesses who own transportation vehicles can join our large network for free. The app is operated by the owner of the vehicle and directly connects them to shippers.


Jeeon aims to create a model for delivering quality healthcare to 4 billion rural people in the developing world, using technology to upgrade local micro-providers into a viable delivery channel and establish a trusted brand for primary healthcare. An established rural pharmacist or paramedic is selected as a franchisee, and provided with a suite of mobile applications and rapid diagnostics equipment. The pharmacist can use the tools to upskill themselves and learn how to treat common illnesses, connect the patient to an urban doctor for a real-time teleconsultation for more complicated cases, and refer patients to hospitals and other facilities for surgeries or advanced care. It also becomes a channel for delivering other health content and products/services at the last mile, as rural pharmacies have high foot traffic already with 70% of the rural market share.

ST Solutions

ST Solutions’ product ecommerce comparison shopping engine can help consumers to review, compare and decide on products. As a result, the customers can find better option and be protected from fake websites and products. The PCSE can also force the seller to maintain some standards about product details and product profile.


Jolpie, the health-tech company is a complete healthcare platform that focuses on appointments, consultations, medicine and health records. They aim to make health care accessible for those, who struggle for better healthcare by search, share and support with technology.

Beautiful Barisal

Beautiful Barisal is an online marketplace that works especially for famous product of Barisal. It tries to promote the regional products and services. Also, it’s an initiative to aware the regional people about E-commerce.