Startup Bangladesh – a Dream made Real

Startup Bangladesh cordially invites you to an evening of exploration and networking to discover ideas that will power the coming digital era.

As a global success story, Bangladesh has been experiencing impressive economic progress with GDP growth of 6.5% and reduction of poverty rate from 40% to 20% over the last decade. With a young population and a vibrant economy, the tech sector is also going through a rapid expansion.

Over the last decade, the number of mobile phone subscribers in Bangladesh increased from 20m to 130m, internet usage jumped from 600,000 to 60m and smart phone usage increased from 12m to 32m. The Government has undertaken an ambitious tech infrastructure development plan with 300,000 km of fiber-optic network and 26 hi-tech parks.  We are also investing $70m in training to develop 34,000 skilled manpower to create a tech-savvy workforce. Furthermore, the Government is investing $35m to develop 200 apps for the thriving digital economy.

Startup Bangladesh has created a $50m innovation fund to foster tech entrepreneurship. We aim to partner with investors, entrepreneurs, technologists and dreamers worldwide to create solutions for the next billion people.

We request your valued participation to realize the dream of a better tomorrow.

The Embassy of Bangladesh
On behalf of Startup Bangladesh
The People’s Republic of Bangladesh
The Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology