Note you need to submit both Part 1 – Pitch Deck and Part 2 – Video Pitch for a complete submission.

Part 1: Pitch Deck guidelines  

Please follow the guidelines below to prepare your pitch deck in MS PowerPoint (template attached)

Introduction – Company

  • Company Name & logo. Tag line, if available.

Problem & Solution Scenario

  • Problems present in current market scenario.
  • Focus on the solution your startup will be providing to address the problem.

Market Size/ Possibilities

  • Please explain possibilities of the total market size, target market and quantity of market share.

Competitive Advantage/ Unique features

  • Explore the competitions in the market & current status quo.
  • Explain the competitive advantages your startup has over the competitors.

What is your need?

  • Funding? Mentoring? Operations supports etc.

Technology Strategy

  • Explain in short the technology architecture

Business Strategy

  • Explain in short your business plan

Financial Strategy

  • Explain how the business will make money – market share, pricing, revenue model

Management Team

  • Detail of the management Team.

Part 2: Video Pitch guidelines

A video pitch should be prepared by your team following the Pitch Deck. Follow the Video Pitch guidelines to prepare the presentation.

General guidelines:
Video time should be no more than 5 minutes
Video Format should be – avi / mp4
Everyone present in the video should actively participate.
Do not read from the slides. Speak clearly.
Power Point, if used should be simple, clean and easy to read.

Video Pitch guidelines:

  1. Describe your Business Plan
  2. Describe your Technical Architecture
  3. Introduce Management team

Business Plan: 3 min

What is the business problem that you are trying to solve?

  • State the business problem.
  • State the solution/product.

Who you are selling the product or service to? 

  • State the target market.
  • What is the market size? What is the share of your company? Which industry?

What is your business model?

  • How do you expect to make money? Is there other value your company provides?

What is your timeline?

  • What is current status of your company?
    – milestones the company has achieved, existing customers, partners, other funding received to date, etc.

What is the future plan of the company?

  • near term needs for technical expertise/other resources.
  • plan to address these needs.

Who is your competition?

  • Who are your direct competitors?
    If you have no direct competitors, then how would you convince customers that they really need your product given that they have never needed it before.

What is your competitive advantage?

  • How is your company different? What is your advantage over the competition? Better distribution channel? Key partners? Proprietary technology?

What are you looking for?

  • Funding? Mentoring? Advisory panel? Cost for building a prototype?

Technical Architecture: 1 min

  • Product architecture overview? Key technologies & platforms?

Management Team: 1 min

  • Tell us about your management team and briefly note about your team’s background and achievements.