Rules & Regulations

  • The participant has to be a student of undergraduate/ postgraduate program. (PhD students are not allowed
  • Participant must participate as a team of minimum 1 to maximum 3 members.
  • Students outside the listed 40 universities can also participate through registering online (or from the registration booth of the selected universities closest to their campus).
Submission Rules:
  • Participants need to fill-up online registration form at
  • All the details provided through the registration form must be legit otherwise the registration will be terminated.
  • Contact details provided in the registration should be active otherwise the participant will be considered as eliminated.
  • Preliminary evaluation to select participants for campus program will be processed depending on the details provided in the online registration form.
  • Same person cannot participate in multiple teams.
  • Same Team can’t submit multiple ideas though they can change (Pivot) their idea during the program according to the organizers’ concern.
  • If the same team provides multiple submissions, the last submission will be considered.
Permission and Release:
  • By submitting their idea, participants agree to abide by the rules of the program.
  • Any violation of the rules may result in disqualification.
  • Any decision by authority will be granted as final.
Rules & Regulation:
  • Participants must bring their own laptops, flash drives, wires and other electronic devices according to their need.
  • Participants must bring their demo or presentation (if any) in the flash drive on the day of the Campus pitch.
  • Participants must bear their essential goods with them in National Startup Camp according to the directions provided by the organizers.
  • Any unpleasant behavior/complain on any participants will be condemned and will get them disqualified.
Competition Procedures:
  • The startup program will be held on the given dates (2 days on each campus) in the respective campus of the participants. There will be a workshop in Day 1 and idea pitching session in Day 2.
  • These dates may change due to unforeseen reasons.
  • Selected teams will get the chance to participate in the National Startup Camp at Savar.
  • Participants will have to be present in the camp for the whole time.
Judging Panel:
  • In the campus stage, the central team members will work as the judges. Any faculty members as guests may get included according to the organizers’ decision.
  • On the third day of 4-day National Startup Camp, the trainers of the camp will evaluate to select top 30 teams alongside with public voting(if any).
  • In the final stage on day 4, iDEA project Selection Committee Members and guest judges will select top 10 teams.